Day 42: Picton to Christchurch via train


After another failed attempt to sleep in, (just kidding. We actually prefer to get up around the same time every day.) we had a breakfast of oatmeal and chocolate, and then set about figuring out the pla... Read More

Day 41: Havelock to Picton


After relatively quiet night we woke a little bit early. Breakfast and packing up went as usual and we were off. Right out of Havelock was a gentle climb for the first 4km to a view point at the top. How... Read More

Day 40: Nelson to Havelock


After all the kayaking yesterday, we both slept very well, and even slept slightly later than usual, waking around 6:45 am. Sleeping in! We didn’t have a super long day of riding ahead of us, so we too... Read More

Day 39: Rest Day: Abel Tasman National Park


Started off the day in a bit of a rush to catch our bus to from Nelson to the Abel Tasman National Park but we managed to get breakfast down, all of our gear together, and walk straight on to the bus. Af... Read More

Day 38: Glenhope to Nelson


We woke up a little earlier than usual, but rather than wait around, we decided there was no reason to dilly dally, so we got ready, had breakfast, and took off. There was a rainbow out our bedroom windo... Read More

Day 37: Lyell to Glenhope


After a very stormy night, which meant not much restful sleep (the wind howled like a banshee and the rain hit the tent with a fury, even though we were semi-protected under the tree), we woke to blue sk... Read More

Day 36: Charleston to Lyell


Woke up this morning, and the fog had rolled in. The mountains we could see yesterday were shrouded in white clouds, and a fine mist was falling. We followed our usual morning routine of oatmeal, dishes,... Read More

Day 35 Greymouth to Charleston


Took a moment this morning for Pam to Skype with Penny before we figured out where we were headed. We have been trying to decide on what route to take and where to end this adventure, Greymouth was a for... Read More

Day 34: Hari Hari to Greymouth


We had quite a ride today. We began with a hearty breakfast at the hotel, both getting the continental breakfast and then splitting a large plate of bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, and hash browns. Needless... Read More

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