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Journal for 2014-10-18 | Published on 2014-10-18 10:55:37

Well, the bags are packed (sort of). The passports are out and ready to go. It's almost lunch time, and we have 11 hours until our flight to New Zealand leaves. There have been some questions about the trip that I want to answer:

1. What will we be eating in New Zealand? Will we need to have an air drop with supplies?

Answer: We're not going to be out in the middle of nowhere. New Zealand has all the resources we will need. We'll not be hunting and gathering. Nope. There are stores just like here. I've heard there will be a lot of mutton, but other than that, we expect to find grocery stores, convienence stores, restaurants, all the amenities of home.

2. Will you be taking the time to sightsee?

Answer: Yes. Our tour this time will be a little more relaxed, and we plan to do a lot of exploring.

3. Where will you stay?

Answer: Mainly camping at campgrounds or parks. Some hotels. Also, there are huts located all over the south island (where we'll be) that are inexpensive or free. We'll try to utilize these as much as possible.

4. What will you do with your luggage while you're touring?

Answer: We will be leaving our luggage with a gracious host who has offered to let us store the luggage until we return for our flight home.

5. Are you excited?

Answer: Yes, very. This is a dream come true for us, and we can't wait to get started on this adventure of a lifetime!

6. How can we stay in touch while you're gone?

Answer: We won't have a cell phone (well, we will, but it will be for New Zealand calls only), but we'll have access to internet and email. Also, we plan on using Skype to talk to folks back home. We'll be updating this journal, hopefully daily, and posting pictures to the Facebook page (PMCycleTouring).

Well, that's about it. Countdown continues! If you have any questions before we leave, be sure to let us know! We love getting comments while we're out there. So, don't hesitate to show us some love. New Zealand here we come!



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  1. Tracey says:

    Hey you guys, I am so excited for you, the trip sounds great, I look forward to your updates nightly or when ever you can post. You guys are so great. I am passing out your cards to everyone. I love you. mom

  2. Mike and Lora Anctil says:

    Hi guys, looking forward to hearing about this exciting adventure.

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